Small Town

We’re left with faces on a screen
The world is mute, it makes me scream
Your social life’s an online stream
What is it all supposed to mean

And I , I wanna make it out alive ( 2x)

Everybody’s spinning upside and down
Cause the world is just one big damn small town
I’d be happy to at least have you around
And I can’t stand another day, cause I can’t live that way

Shattered hearts and broken dreams
Yeah is it all we make believe
Seeing what they wanna see
Adapting to society

We’ve been living a lonely life, we’ve been living it all this time, we’ve been living a lonely life, with long lost ties, yeah long gone drive (2x)

On Your Mind

I was so blind; I’ll finally face it all
Waiting for love, the thing that we call hope
And all this stuff, so out of line
And I got nothing I got mine

Yeah …Yeah ..
You got no reason to be lost
You got no reason so just
Face the others, Save them lover
I’ll always be on your mind

I said I’m fine; don’t say we need to talk
I’ve been alright, since ever we have fought
And all this stuff, so out of time
Well, out of sight and out of mind

I said goodbye, I said I’ll go, it’s true I never wanted more (3x)

Run Baby Run

Run, baby run
The new age has begun
There’s no right or wrong
There’s just do or don’t

There’s tension all around
But nobody I have found
Don’t need to think twice
Don’t need your advice

Don’t tell me the story
Describe me the feeling
I don’t count on words without any meaning
This time it got out of control
Captured your heart and your soul
All the lies seem to be true
Stop telling me what to do

Gone, baby gone
Everything’s moving on
There’s no brave or pride
There’s just run and hide

I told you to come down; and don’t believe a name
You never touched the ground; I ain’t the one to blame

My Song

This Song is not for anyone else, but me
I wanna drive around in a strange town to see
That anywhere I go there’s nobody I have to please

A palm tree in front of me
A light wind above the sea
I got out and lost the key
I feel like I’m finally free
This time I will close my eyes
Ignore what you criticize
Forget all your dirty lies
Invent my own paradise

Whatever you say this time
The world isn’t yours, it’s mine
I know that I will be fine
I won’t even spend a dime
Don’t care what’s going on
I know where I belong
I’m sick of being wrong
I will be gone for long

I made it out alive
Already paid the price
All that I hate unties
Nothing left to despise

Crystal Clear

Darling change your attitude
Soon enough you will be screwed
Show off your new Facebook-friend
We all know you just pretend
Unable to walk in my shoes
I`ll be watching when you lose

I’m the hunter you’re the meal
The wound you’ll get won’t ever heal

Finally it’s crystal clear
I’m the one you have to fear
Cause I love you being shy
Do not even dare to try
Kiss your little a** goodbye (2x)

Your nightmares gonna come alive
How about you realize
For all the f**king shit you say
Now you got the price to pay
It may not come as a surprise
So shield your innocent eyes

Let me reintroduce myself, I’m just as bad as everyone else


Have you ever thought about
Once not following the crowd
Are you scared it’s not allowed
Are you scared it’s not allowed

I’ve seen different things before
I just can’t take this no more Cause…

You’re so Americanized
All you do is dream and fantasize
You know pretty well what I mean
We’re all – foregone – to be mainstream…Yeah…

Have you ever changed your mind
To tell a story of a different kind
Can’t you see they make you blind
The things that matter are hard to find

A few years from now
You will wonder how (We’re all forgone, all forgone…)
But too many times, yeah too many times have already shown…

Boldest Girls

Lying straight to your face
You thought that we would stay
Now we’re running away
You want an answer for
Us tripping out the door
Don’t trust us we won’t pay

Then when you left the room
Not waking up till noon
We knew what we would take
Here’s some advice for you
Be careful what you do
We’re leaving town for good

We’re the stoners in the smoker’s corner
And every one of you should be aware
The strangest place, the boldest girls you’ve heard of
Haven’t you heard, we got the savoir-faire

Escaped the every day
Now somewhere far away
We set the rules to play
We’re up till breaking dawn
We know where we belong
Until you know, we’re gone
Don’t care what time it is
We haven’t started this
Now please excuse us, Miss
We’re unacceptable
Yet unforgettable
Nothing is predictable

The boldest girls…the boldest girls…
By now it’s all been said
So glad that we have met
We’re always steps ahead
Now let us give a hint
The ship you’re in will sink
The devil’s wearing pink

We know we’re out of line
It’s been worth every dime
They say a sin ain’t crime
Now that we’re back in town
No one could take our crown
Look at our bank account